“Hangry Wife” “Awful Life”

The old saying goes “happy wife” “happy life”. Well did you ever hear the old saying “hangry wife” “awful life”. Or “hangry kids” you are better off with “SIDS”.

God for bid my wife has a little tummy rumble she expects me to rise like I just accepted a challenge from Bobby Flay and shove multiple cheese burger deluxes down her throat at 2am like an Ethiopian at his “First Supper”.

Then my two boys wander around the house saying “we are hungry” after they just wolfed down three boxes of Coco Puffs and six pounds of pirate bootys.

I decided to come home early from work yesterday and these three bastards were at the top of the steps demanding shrimp portofino and asparagus as if I have deveined shrimp lingering in my ass crack. The nerve.

To make matters worse, the three of them team up on me like I’m “Jaba The Hut”in spin class.

My advice is feed them. The struggle is real with “hangry” wife and children!! Continue reading ““Hangry Wife” “Awful Life””