Happy Hour. Couch Bound!

When I started this Blog it was something I did as a “fart in the wind”.

I have a tight circle of friends and family who have known me forever and know what I’m about. I take all of this as simply a opportunity to make everyone laugh. I feel, so far, I have succeeded or else I wouldn’t be writing or doing this.

I went out for happy hour today at a local pub and from the minute I walked in until the minute I walked out with a blood alcohol content three times the legal limit, I felt myself consumed in conversation about my blog and what I am doing. Sue and Patty shoved Irish Mist down my throat like a sexually confused male at a hot dog eating contest.

The fact people recognize what I am trying to do and encourage me is humbling.

Then I come home and my wife is hurling rusty butter knives and stale chocolate chip cookies at me like Serena Williams with pre menstral symptoms accompanied by anal warts , anal leakage and anal retentive jock itch during a heat wave in Afghanistan.

My kids are past out with IPads in their mouths and phone chargers connected to their butt entrances so that was disturbing.

As an understanding father and clearly the most logical one in this household, I tried to understand both sides and make sense of all this.

My wife then proceeded to smack me with a hot frying pan containing gout and kissed me good night and said “I Love You Babe” and now I’m confused but I think we have something real and she is my soulmate. I felt the love as my eye socket crumbled to pieces and my cheek bone swelled up like Puff Daddy at a Wetzel Pretzel convention.

I love my family and love you all for the support. I can’t do this without you behind me.

Let’s keep it going!!!