Not Political but Deeply Concerned!

I am the least political human being since Al Capone. Last time I casted a vote it involved my sixth grade class presidency. I have never voted and never will. I can name five  presidents. Bush, Bush 2, Clinton, Obama & Trump.

I never cared and I still don’t care. Unfortunately this years election has left me no choice but to pay attention and get a bit more involved. I didn’t know the meaning of “POTUS” until that handsome gay guy with nice gray hair on CNBC explained the definition. If I had to vote I would have checked “none of the above”.

Although I didn’t know the facts or details of what the candidates were truly about, I could only base my interpretation on what I have heard and learned through the news and social media which has the credibility of OJ Simpson on a Jerry Springer episode.

As the election race continued I found myself in favor of Mr Trump simply because I had a more complex vocabulary (And I have the vocabulary of Tarzan.) I was simply fascinated by the skin color of this individual. His “blow up doll” lip formation as he speaks also played a major role in my attraction to this candidate along with the deceased albino racoon hairdue he so elegantly wanders around with. Get a fucking haircut. I’ll pay. Come on dude. Your worth billions. Fix that shit.

He is the most unorthodox president to ever be elected. Maybe that’s a good thing. Who knows. Only time will tell.

All of these protests and media rants will accomplish nothing. I understand that may be hard to accept.

I giggle every time he refers to the word choices in the likes of amazing, huge, tremendous, believe me, bigly, etc. He has the political experience of a tadpole.

I am in no position to argue against or judge the people who oppose him and feel his presidency will be the “apocalypse” and the death of America.

What I do know is this man won our presidential election and is now our president. Like it or not.

The protests I have witnessed in recent days have been a disgrace. Protestors have put law enforcement, innocent civilians and themselves in great danger. The fact schools have offered “grief counseling” to young students as a result of this election in my opinion is repulsive. I blame this entirely on the parents and parents alone. All we are doing is creating a further divide within our nation.

I will never tell a parent how to raise their child. Thats your business. Please have enough sense to teach them respectfully.

When I hear your child say on national television he “set a limo on fire” you should rethink your parenting strategy.

The protests, riots, hate and disrespect for our new president will get you absolutely nowhere and most likely result in your arrest and embarrassment.

Let’s come together as a country and give this man a chance. I know it’s hard and again I don’t understand your dislike for him completely.

I do know what is taking place is only teaching our youth to hate, discriminate and divide during a time where our children are already confused as they chase Pokémon, dab, wear two different color sneakers on purpose, try to gather likes on Instagram like a homeless hooker on Dancing With The Stars, and wear skin tight farlow jeans like Boy George at confession.

What is going on within our nation is deeply concerning. I hope, in time, we become a strong, respected, peaceful force once again.

PS: If you are truly not happy and can’t deal with the current situation then move out of the country like many of you threatened to do. Trust me you won’t be missed. Please do not continue to put innocent people at risk of danger as a result of your hatred. Thank you kindly!