Art of a Bully. When will this species become extinct?

Bullying. The very sound of the word turns my stomach. As a father of two, I loathe Ā the day I have to hear my boys are involved in any type of this disgusting but realistic part of our children’s existence. This issue has become a serious and detrimental reality of daily life for our youth.

Social media has played a major role in the severity of the affects this hideous action has had on those who have fell victim to this repulsive crime. That’s what it is. Crime.

Makes me sick to hear a young man or woman has taken their own life as a result of these actions by others. If anybody reading this has been directly affected by the topic of discussion you have my deepest sympathy and condolences.

Bullying or whatever the proper term is has existed since the beginning of time. It will continue to exist and always be a staple in our way of life.

Instead of trying to eliminate the scum of the earth who believe this is the proper way to treat people, I think it is more important to try and educate the unfortunate ones who must embrace this abuse to understand the true degenerates of the earth are the pieces of shit of a human life who stoop so low to treat others like this and they must be the ones to point the guns towards themselves. Period. How we do this I don’t know.

One of my sons experienced a minor encounter with a “bully” as he entered middle school at the beginning of the year. I didn’t want to make a big deal of the situation but it needed to be addressed. My wife was concerned as I was as well.

The “bully” called my son a lesbian. So naturally I cracked the fuck up when I heard this. My son came home with a pouted lip and a booger dangling out of his nose and said “I think I am getting bullied.” He said “Some kid called me a lesbian. What does that mean?” Our reaction as parents was nothing short of the facial expression you would have if you were driving a NASCAR vehicle with no helmet as a swarm of killer bees stung the shit out of your chin and cheek bone.

We proceeded to explain to our son that a lesbian is a girl who likes another girl. That was like telling an 11 year old that Mommy and Daddy created him at the Dave And Busters photo booth. Just didn’t register and I whispered in my boys ear that when the time was right I will give him the full rundown of lesbian action. For now, ignore this incompetent jerk.

Back in my day the art of bullying was quite different. When you were so called “bullied” you were tossed off a roof in your “weird science” sweat pants into a pile of horse manure. It was only you, the bully and three of your friends laughing their ass off. Nobody else knew about this event. Not that this was ok but it was something that was amongst a select few. Today a person has the ability to socially, personally and morally embarrass someone in front of millions. To the point of suicide and that is just something I have a major issue with.

I wanted my son to handle the situation the old fashioned way. I suggested retaliation with a drop kick to this kids temple in art class followed by a choke out. My wife’s idea of retaliation was going to the kids house on Easter Sunday and beating the piss out of the parents after Sunday Mass with and a piece of dry aged salami and the Body of Christ!


We as parents thought it through and after consuming a case of beer in a backyard beer pong tournament decided a letter to the faculty was the best initial course of action.

The initial response from the school district was very vague and well beyond anything we as concerned parents would accept. A second letter was written to higher authority. Point was finally made and the situation was rectified. Make no mistake, our instructions to our son were as follows. If this little shit did not get under control, we instructed our son to kick the piss out of this kid. No questions asked. My son being a good boy was concerned about his reputation. I explained to him respectfully. Now your reputation will be this my good boy. Nobody fucks with you anymore. Knock him the fuck out!

We are pretty easy going parents. Well at least I am. When it comes to our children my wife can sometimes become Mommy Dearest suffering from anal hemorrhage but ultimately we all want the best for our children.

There needs to be stricter punishments and laws against bullying on every level.

If anybody has personally suffered or has a loved one dealing with these issues we need to expose this and try and put an end to this shit. Once and for all.

Absolutely disgusts me. To be honest, if a child is treating another child like this, I blame the parenting! So watch out, my wife may come beat you with a pound of dry aged provolone and an undercooked rack of lamb

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  1. I completely agree that it is the parent’s fault. I’ve taught my kids from a young age that bullying is wrong and there is no reason to make fun of anyone. They are now 12 and 13 and they yell at other kids who bully anyone. Luckily, their school has a no tolerance policy and doesn’t screw around with bullying!

  2. They need to educate the children better. Being kind , being respectful understanding different kinds of people places , relationships ( u could be nice without having to be their bff ) and animals . Bring back health class , so kids can talk freely without being isolated. Disgusting makes you want to go around town with a wooden spoon !

  3. First off Mommie Dearest with anal hemmorhage was crazy funny also weird science sweat pants. Serious note I know the feeling I was verbally bullied also and it’s a terrible feeling. I’m 48 now and still remember the name and faces and would love to retaliate. That’s how serious this shit is.

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