You are born a Success! One in a half billion!

Have you ever had somebody try and demolish your hopes and dreams? Tell you you’re just not good enough? Justify your very existence as worthless? Make you feel like you have no purpose in life?

I’m sure at some point we have all experienced this. I have.

There is hope.

We must remember we were all born into this world as winners. Leaders. Michael Phelps like specimen. Greg Louganis success stories. Overcoming great odds and completing a mission 400 million others could not. We represent great warriors who fought, swam & doggie paddled a great distance in extreme harsh conditions to get to where we are today.


Our journey began in a dark, hostile environment. Our soon to be parents created scenarios to enable our introduction to life.

Some scenes were different than others and unique in their own way.

Regardless, we all managed to end up in the same place. Earth.

Whether the improbable & impossible began in the backseat of a gold rusted Plymouth Duster, on a greasy white formica kitchen counter top, a truck stop restroom, on Grandmas plastic covered couch, a White Castle coat closet, under a Pathmark shopping cart or just a result of a routine boring missionary position designed by our future parents, each and everyone of us overcame tremendous odds to earn a place in this beautiful creation called life.

So next time somebody tells you the chances of being eaten by a shark, dying in a plane crash, becoming a professional athlete, a musician, actor or winning the lotto is extremely unlikely, you tell them to kiss your ass in front of Macy’s window as you beat out a half of billion extremely fierce competitors in a winner take all event.

Some contestants have been less fortunate and never even had a chance to compete as they ended up gasping for air on dish towels, have been cooked to death on hot vinyl car seating, drowned in high school toilet bowls, suffocated and crushed between magazine racks, trapped inside giant balloons only to be discarded in an ice cream shop parking lot. The list goes on and on!

Let us take a moment of silence in honoring the less fortunate who endured pure evil selfish acts by their potential creators who didn’t give them a fair opportunity at life. These victims were alone and never had a chance as they were afraid, pushed aside and thrown in the garbage. Literally.

Life can be cruel at times.

Keep your head up. Take advantage of your time here. That guy stuck on the Plymouth Duster seat belt should be the one complaining!

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