Facebook. Unity is power. Division is death!

Facebook: A place where individuals can argue political views copied and pasted from non credible websites. A place to pretend we are all gourmet chefs. A place to portray happy marriages. A place where everybody knows our Birthdays. (Which I happen to really enjoy because I was born on Xmas Eve. I got screwed growing up.) A place to DM indecent photos to Grandmothers wearing Anaconda skinned thongs in their profile pics. A place to spread love, hate, racism, truth, lies, burnt hot dogs and most of all, Bullshit.

That’s all this is. Really.
Although I do believe there is a lot of positive to come out of social media at times. So many people suffer from depression or other conditions. I’ve personally witnessed outcries on social media feeds. It’s sad. These posts seem somewhat therapeutic for some who appear to be reaching out for help. The feedback and encouragement from friends was overwhelming.  Without this social media outlet I wonder where some of these people may be today. Like anything else, there is negatives and positives. Take it with a grain of salt.

It’s  just that.

Be happy people are actually listening and responding to whatever we throw out there. Good, bad or indifferent. I certainly am. I’m a social media whore. I love this shit. Most of you are as well. Then there is always the stalkers and trolls who lurk within our feeds. You bastards! You know everything but never speak of it until we see you at the local diner with a BLT hanging from our pie hole at 6am on a Tuesday.

It could be worse. My poor dad has been staring at my Mother for 50 fucking years sitting across a table drinking coffee as he inhales a hand rolled cigarette containing guinea pig droppings and rustoleum paint chips. Her only response to date has been “when are you cutting the grass JR?” This poor man hobbles around the house like Steven Hawkins at ballet class. That generation is hopeless.

What the hell would we all be doing without Facebook and other social media sites? I’m not supposed to know any of you people after High School yet I receive email notifications regarding what time Becky Sue from art class who now resides in Arkansas got her appendix  removed!

Who would see our kids hit  home runs? Who would know our children made the honor roll or when our flea infested  dog named Fluffy took a dump on our pillow? Who would know we enjoy gluten free pizza? How would anyone be able to connect and gather important information like when we changed the oil in our vehicles? Most important is sporting event score updates. Like I don’t have eyeballs and a fucking TV to watch the games Al fucking Michaels.  Cut that shit out please.

We have the ability as a result of this social connection to actually make a difference. If we all just put aside our differences and figured it out we could possibly make a change for the better. We are stronger than any leadership. Unity is power. Division is death!

That’s all I got. I now call on the intellectual beings to take it from here and keep me updated. You can email or text me at your earliest convenience. Thank you in advance.

In the end the battle is not for us, it’s for our children and the next generation. God help them.

Have a good weekend all!

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  1. I hope for a better future for the kids. I’m not embarrased to say, As a attempted suicide survivor having anxiety and despression the blogs are extremely funny and uplifting. Thank you.

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